Need an Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Service?

Having been established for many years as a water damage company in Atlanta and having many local happy customers, means that you can fully trust us with your Atlanta water removal and cleanup needs in the metro area. Our reputation is a prized asset.

It is vital to address any emergency water damage problem as soon as it occurs; the sooner it is dealt with the lower the risk of severe damage to the walls, ceilings or basement and the less water damage repair work will be required. The presence of water in your rags, carpet and around your house puts your family’s health at risk . We are a professional water damage restoration, Atlanta, GA, company and have the knowledge and expertise to address any issues that may come about from residential or commercial flooding. We have a team of fully trained staff that can handle the latest equipment and have the necessary skills to not only address the flooding emergency situation, but also to perform at the highest standards of flood damage cleanup and restoration of every affected inch of your home – from your flooded wet basement to your water damaged ceiling.

In our company, we have an Emergency Response Staff specifically trained to answer various flooding emergencies round the clock, every day – and all year round. We, therefore, guarantee nothing short of top-notch 24/7 water removal services. Ours is the promise of a speedy response from a dedicated team of water extraction experts who will get rid of the water and restore the property.

What will Happen When You Call Us?  A Three Step Water Damage Clean Up Process for Atlanta Property Owners

After you call us to come out and fix your water damage, we will respond as quickly as possible. Fast action after a house fire, storm, burst pipe or any other plumbing disaster can save you thousands of dollars in terms of preventing damage to electrical equipment and structural components. It will also increase the likelihood of saving your documents and soft furnishings as well. Repairing water damage is no joke, and you must remember that you will need to follow the correct 3 step process to dry things out and restore your home or business back to normal – which is exactly what we can help you with.

Step 1 – Water Extraction

This involves removing any standing water and wet materials like damaged drywall, carpet padding and insulation; to make sure that the property dries out fully. Our technicians will use industrial vacuum equipment to ensure the standing water removal process is done efficiently. The team leader will also make sure there is enough manpower on the ground to promptly and safely remove any water retaining material, so that we can proceed with the next step of the water damage restoration process.

Extraction is an essential part of the 3-step process, and our we have powerful, truck-mounted equipment which will extract hundreds or thousands (if necessary) of gallons of water quickly and and in the fastest time possible so that you can get your Atlanta property back to the state that it should be in. When you call our phone number, you will not get an automated answering service. You will get a prompt answer to your phone call and our first available IICRC certified water damage contractor will come to your flooded home or building. We aim to respond within 60 minutes – whether you are a homeowner or a business. Regardless of the time of day, we know that water damage is an emergency and will treat it as such.

Step 2: Dry Out – Water Damage Mitigation

Through the application of air movers and dehumidifiers we will get rid of moisture laden air, ensuring that the property is dried completely so that the structural materials will not rot. During water damage remediation, it is important to mitigate the effects of excessive moisture as it can lead to peeling paint and warped materials, and allow mold to grow in the property as well. The quicker all of the excess moisture is removed, the better, and the greater the chance of the property being restored to its glory. Mold can be toxic, and is a particularly serious issue for people with respiratory conditions.

Upon the success of the water removal service, we can proceed to the next stage of the process which is water damage mitigation. How long it will take to get rid of the water depends on how much water there was in the residential house or commercial building, the size of the property structure, and how well ventilated it is. We use commercial dehumidifiers and  powerful air movers, as well as moisture detection readers, so we can help you get your property dried out as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Water and Flood Damage Restoration

The final step in the process is to repair any water damage that had taken place. Water damage remediation can be an involved process. In many cases, we will need to remove baseboards or drill holes in the walls of the property to dry out the wall cavities. We will need to remove carpets and tiles, and may need to repair sheetrock in the ceiling as well. Wooden floors may be salvageable, but in some cases they need replaced. Insulation may need replaced as well. If we are able to dry out and repair removable items then we will do so. We us IICRC S500 standards for restoration, so you can be confident that you will get the best quality service, and that we will do everything in our power to bring your property back to its former glory.

The Importance of Quick Response Times

Water damage is a serious issue. It is vital that you get to work drying out the property as soon as possible. The first 24-48 hours are a critical time period for the prevention of permanent water damage, and to help to stop the growth of toxic microbes, bacteria, and mold. If you leave a drywall in a damp state even for 48 hours, mold will start to take hold on it.

This is why it is important to get a contractor out immediately. Don’t try to dry out a flooded property yourself – most consumer-grade tools simply are not up to the job, and you run the risk of electrocuting yourself, or exposing yourself to toxic fumes if you try to work in a flooded property. A contractor can assess the damage and start coming up with a water damage remediation plan, so the sooner you get them on-site the better. Since they have experience in working with a range of different materials, they will be able to help you with everything from removing carpets to fixing drywall, and they will be able to inspect the whole of the property, including areas behind cabinets, to ensure that there is no hidden water that could be promoting microbe growth.

Water damage remediation is something that will be more successful if it is completed as quickly as possible. The sooner you call out some experts to start work, the more likely it is that the work will be successful. Call us when you are alerted to the issue, and you will have a truck on the way to you immediately, so you have the peace of mind that your problem is being dealt with.

Round the Clock Solution for Water Damage in Atlanta

What we really consider as we push to offer efficient and reliable water remediation services is promptness; time is a critical element in our water damage repair service. As such, we ensure that there is someone on stand-by ready to answer every phone call from our customers. Our company policy of the fastest response entails:

1. First, a quick and through assessment of the emergency, which is followed by getting rid of all the water on your rugs and furniture. We use our truck-mounted emergency water extraction method to remove all the flood water.

2. The next step is the introduction of a particular gadget to work on every inch of the affected surfaces and items around the house.

3. If we find humidity in the walls, we can control the issue using our advanced air injection technology options, which use hot air to work on the wall from within without having to tear down the wall. However, some extreme cases of water damage might need the wall to be torn down and a new one put in place. Though this is a rare event, if it does occur, we still have the home water damage restoration expertise to help you in the area of wall installation.

4. We can set up a hyper-dehydrating atmosphere using reduced grain desiccate and high speed air movers.

5. We will ensure that the rags & carpets are clean, dry, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

6. We have the resources and capacity to take on any water clean-up job, no matter the size of the flood damage.

Getting the Water Removal & Cleanup Job Done Right

With years of water damage mitigation and restoration experience under our belts, we realize how stressful it is to try to deal with flooding in your home or business. As a result, we have become the water damage repair Atlanta service where people in this city and surrounding areas can turn to for trusted water cleanup experts who are passionate and knowledgeable to fully manage your emergency situation whether its a flooded basement cleanup you need or a contractor to handle the water damage on ceiling under the bathroom after a roof leak.

In all circumstances involving water inside or outside a house, we know exactly what to do and the signs to look for to bring about the best solution for you at an affordable cost with our wide-ranging collection of the latest equipment and our experience with local Atlanta building codes, we can offer much more than eliminate your excess standing water. We are experts at drying the difficult to reach areas that could lead to health issues and we are also very experienced in mold testing and remediation.

Here are some water damage mitigation tips worth remembering:

• Find the main shut valve to cut off the water supply. Do not hesitate to call us when you cannot find the shut-off valve. We will respond promptly to your emergency call and will have someone at your door step within the shortest time possible.

• Exercise caution especially if there is water around any power sources.

• Avoid trying to handle any moist or wet floor carpets, especially if they are heavy.

• Relocate any furniture or items which are inside the flooded area to a safe and dry place whether they are waterproof or not.

• Elevate any furniture or items that are too heavy to move. You can do this by placing the furniture on blocks.

• Flooding leads to conditions that eventually results in increased humidity. It also creates the perfect conditions for hazardous micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold, and fungi to thrive. As such, it is imperative to call in professionals to assess and address the situation.

• Do not switch any ceiling lights or fans if the ceiling is not dry, and stay away from any room where the ceiling is saggy or wet.

• Do not use any domestic vacuum cleaner to suck out any water on the floor or moisture. Additionally, avoid using any electrical appliances.

Let Us Handle It! Your Stress-Free Water Cleanup Solution

We know that time is of the essence when dealing with water damage, and we also know that you will have plenty on your mind after a flood – whether it was brought on by a natural disaster or by a burst pipe, or even from a fire that was put out with water. We understand that and we want to give you a stress-free cleanup operation. That’s why we make a point of getting there as quickly as possible, and we have a fast and efficient system that will allow us to get rid of the water, remove the furniture, and then stop the growth of mold with an EPA-registered, safe mildewcide. We will monitor the job while we are working, and we will make sure that your insurance adjuster is kept properly informed at each stage of the drying process.

Water removal, cleanup and water damage restoration is a difficult job, but we are committed to removing sewage in a safe way, drying out water damage and making sure that the property is odor free when the job is done. We take all of this seriously, and we are confident that you will be happy with the work that we carry out.

Mold Removal and Remediation

1. Preventing Mold in Your Home

The number one step for preventing water damage is to keep your property dry. If you experience water damage – whether from leaky plumbing or something more drastic – then you must treat it immediately. If mold is allowed to take hold then it can cause health problems for you and your family, or lasting property damage. Prevent the issues of water damage and mold by calling our emergency service hotline as soon as possible after a water damage event.

2. Fast Mold Detection and Testing

It can be hard to detect mold, especially if you aren’t experienced in working with microbial hazards or water damage. Our experts have a surefire way of determining whether there has been some water damage to your property and we can uncover mold or prevent it. In Atlanta, Georgia, the climate is quite humid, and after storms it is not uncommon for damp to set in. We are trained in leak detection, mold detection, and damp treatment, so we can mitigate water damage and carry out repairs that will stop the problem from getting worse. That’s why its so important that you call us promptly.

Mold is not something that you should take lightly. It is important that you do not try to work with mold unless you know what you are doing. We know how to remove mold without spreading spores, and we take air samples both before and after the cleaning is done to ensure that the air quality is as good as possible, and that you are not just going to end up with a new mold problem in a few weeks when the spores grow back. We will do everything we can to restore your property to its original state, so that you can enjoy living in it without fear of respiratory issues or finding out at a later date that you have serious structural damage.

3. Efficient Mold Removal and Remediation

We will work with you to make sure that all mold is removed from your property in accordance with IICRC S520 guidelines. We know that mold is a serious issue, and that a lot of the time it is not growing in plain sight – but the side effects can still be problematic, even if you can’t see the mold. Children, pets and the elderly often suffer serious issues because of undetected mold. It often grows in damp and dark areas, crawl spaces, attics or basements, or air conditioning units (Which is how it can spread and cause so many problems). That’s why it’s a good idea to have a mold specialist take a look at your property even if you’ve only had a minor damp problem or small leak. It doesn’t take a lot for mold to take hold, and when it does it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

We provide high quality mold remediation services, and will test any mold that we detect, identify it, and get rid of it – making your home or office a nicer place to spend time. We understand how much hard work it can be to treat mold, so get in touch with us today if you have any concerns. We will be glad to help you with your damp problem.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup and Removal

Flooded basements are some of the most difficult issues to treat. Whether the flood occurred as a result of a sump pump failure, broken pipes, poor window installation, or a leaking window, we will help you to remedy the problem. If the flood occurred more than 48 hours ago, it’s likely that there is some mold present, and it’s important that you perform a complete cleanup, to take care of the issue before even more damage occurs. Give us a call today to get your basement sorted out.

Commercial Water Cleanup Services in Atlanta, Ga

Flooded buildings can be devastating for any commercial business owner. Not only does the flood temporarily halt your trade, you will be forced to contend with damaged carpets, flooring and furniture, and you could face mold, rotten structures, and long term damp problems if you do not take action to remedy the flood immediately. That’s why we take pride in offering fast, efficient and decisive flood remediation services. We know how important it is to get to the site as quickly as possible and remove the water, repair the damage, and treat any mold that has started to grow, as well as to treat the property to prevent future mold growth. After we’ve visited your property, it should be like new!

Give us a call today on (678) 841-7478 for advice about water damage restoration, water removal and flooding services in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

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